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Monday, February 8, 2016

Canadian Minister Admits High Level Corruption At Canada's Department of Justice

Canada's Department of Justice has a well earned reputation for corruption.

Last week, Carolyn Ann BennettCanada's Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs admitted that lawyers and Alberta Judge Rosemary Nation both employees and agents of Canada's Department of Justice, had cheated over 1,000 victims of some of the most vile crimes in human history that took place in Canadian territory . This is another example of legal trickery that is commonplace in Canada's legal and court system and seems to have no end.

Click here to more on despicable conduct by government lawyers and their handpicked judge. 
Rosemary Nation
It is possible that Rosemary Nation (shown in photo on right) made her inhumane and depraved  ruling  because she was threatened  with blackmail or murder by the same criminal gang operating inside
Canada's court system that murdered many of the judges and other witnesses identified on the Water War Crimes  web site.

Click here to visit the Graveyard of the Guilty on the Water War Crimes Web Site

Intelligent observers now recognize that Justice Nation's heartlessly cruel decision was influence by high level insiders legal officials at Canada's Department of Justice that has, since Canada's creation waged a relentless war of genocide against Canada's indigenous population using crooked judges to incarcerate adults, kidnap children and steal property.

This well established Canadian Department of Justice tradition has been protected by the complicit Canadian media that was allied to Canadian with resource extraction companies that wished to exterminate indigenous populations so their activities would be unrestrained.

In some Canadian provinces indigenous populations make up 90 % of the prison population.

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