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Sunday, August 9, 2015

How The Civil Service Infiltrated the Court of Appeal for British Columbia?

It is the Editors opinion a fair argument can be made that the justice system, that is the courts, the judges and the clerks, in British Columbia, are no longer independent of the civil service unions.

Suzanne Anton  
Sure some of the judges are straight, but others are owned lock stock and barrel by high level insiders inside the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General of BC.

Suzanne Anton, the Minister, shown in photo on right, is a puppet, is obviously a puppet controlled from insiders. 

A recent decision by her Ministry and the Court of Appeal oif British Columbia at the same time display that a gang of child snatching, paedophile, sex abusing perverts continues to dominate the hierarchy of the BC Government just like the have dominated England and Scotland for decades.

These folks are so bad a BC mother called them SADISTS

After one of the independent judges in British Columbia called them criminals.

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